Everyone Codes

Writing codes is the core of what we do. Technical skill and handling issues is your daily routines. We don't like messy codes.

Everyone has a chance to become a leader

You earn your leadership by proving your competence. You will be asked to lead whenever we see you are the right person for the task.

Everyone Productive

Creating system and best solution is what we do daily.  We won't let you do what others have done. We expect you to do what others haven't done.

Everyone must be able to work as team under pressure

Good team will help us work and build faster even when under pressure. The good team will not crack under pressure and result must be precise as planned.

Everyone Shows

You must take hands-on approach to problem solving. Don't just talk, show and prove us.

Everyone is responsible

We are creating app and web system to handles millions of transaction per second successfully without failure. It is everyone's job to make it happen. Period.

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